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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stadium Upside down cake!

    I am not a cook.. I dont claim to be one. I do try to put a "cooked" meal on the table a few times a week just so my poor husband and daughter don't have to eat out every night. Mike and I do well together in the kitchen, after we decide what exactly we are eating, that is always a "discusion" cause no one wants to make the final call. He is a good cook and we usually do well together.

  I really want to be a baker!

  I get in the mindset to make something and then you better stand back, cause food is gonna fly. So for Christmas Mike's mom got him this fantastic cake baking dish thingy (they call it a bunt pan I think). Naturaly, with the superbowl approaching I wanted o make a cake in it...

  Well I called my mother-in-law to ask some simple advice about baking a cake. She informed me I could just spray the pan with pam because it was nonstick and shouldnt need all the flour and stuff (yes Terry I am blaming this mess on you! ;) ) So I simply sprayed it with Pam and mixed my batter...

  I made an icing with powdered sugar, orange juice and a little bit of milk while the cake was cooking. It was really good, I was pretty proud of myself! But I was ready for some great cake ..

 Once it cooled I yelled at Mike to come help me flip it out of the mold.. I will save you the gory details, but this is how my fantastic stadium cake came out...

   Yummy! So needless to say, it didnt come out of the mold. But it did taste really good.. which is the important part! It was a beautiful mess of cake! Have a blessed day!