"Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deadlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, that it overflows upon the outward world."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

I have watched my sister sing this thousands of times... with me "helping".. with her husband on a wedding dance floor (not even her wedding) with hundreds of people watching.. on the game sing star... or just jamming out in the car. She is the master of this song..

So when she showed me this video I had to share.. it truly made me laugh out loud! This is the original video with new words, if you know and love this song (as you should) then you will find it VERY amusing! Have fun watching!

*this video seems to have something about embeddingness (I don't know what that means) if you cant see it on here, please look it up on you tube.. it is worth it*

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roses and Bubbles

Life is too short...

Simply put... Life is too short...
Life is too short to not notice the flowers and the bubbles in the world. Everyday is hard in some way, but there is beauty surrounding it if you just look hard enough.

This particular day the beauty was easy to see. Raegan and I decided to play in the yard with bubbles. After a few tries she wanted me to blow them for her to pop...

So I blew tons of bubbles and after a bit she got bored, so at that point I was blowing them for my own enjoyment. I noticed a few land on my roses and I thought how neat that was, just sitting there. A delicate bubble, that would burst with a single touch, laying on a thorn covered rose.

God showed me some serious beauty on this day, as well as reminding me to "smell the roses".

Raegan and I continued to play. She was being a horse and I took pictures of her and 2 of our many pets rolling around in the dirt...

So please remember to stop and smell the roses.. and pop some bubbles along the way... These are times that make life oh so beautiful!

God Bless!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Curlers from Toilet Paper

    A few weekends ago, while "vacationing" at a beautiful cabin in the Smokey Mountains,  my hair was beautifully straighten on Friday, then that night we spent some time in the hot tub and I slept on it. If you know my hair, you know it can get frizzy really quick. Well Saturday morning I really wanted to keep it dry and not have to wash it, but of course it was raining and it got super frizzy. So I decided I wanted to roll it to take out the frizz, only problem I didn't have a flat iron, a curling iron, hot rollers or a hairdryer... I was very unprepared! I thought to myself  "what do you have?" and "how can I use what I have to make this work?". I didn't have socks or even enough clothes to roll it on (yes you can roll hair on socks.. we may cover that sometime) nor did I have any hair clips to hold anything in place....
    That is when I thought.. I should use toilet paper... and that is precisely what I did! I took small pieces of toilet paper and rolled my hair as if I were using hot rollers. I found a hand full of bobbie pins in my purse.. (cause who doesn't have 20+ hair pins in their purse right?) and I used those to keep the toilet paper and hair in place.... want a pic? Ok I shall provide...

Please don't judge, this is pre shower and pre makeup.. I know I look a mess without makeup, but I really needed to get this picture!!

*Funny side story to this picture.. Mike totally thought I was already in the shower, when I came down the stairs with my hair in toilet paper rollers and nothing else on you can imagine his amusement. I told him I needed him to take a pic of my hair... give a man a camera and naked woman and bad things happen, so I had to threaten him! Anyway he actually did good.. thanks Mike for not being a pervert! haha*

    So you can tell how I rolled it.. simply with pieces of toilet paper. It can be rolled in any direction, however works best for your hair.

   Next I got in the shower and cleaned.. the shower essentially steamed my hair. It added a little water to dry hair. Then I just finished getting ready.. got dressed, did my makeup, gave my hair time to dry all the way, considering I didn't have a hair dryer this was the only way.. give it time.

    Next I took the pins and toilet paper out and ran my hands through it.. If you use a brush it will pull all of the curl out. I pieced the curls apart and fluffed it a little. Then pulled the front back a little to get it out of my eyes. This is what I ended up with....

    It gave me a little more body and a little curl. My hair doesn't hold curl well anymore, so if your hair does hold curl then this would work better for curl in your hair. But as you can tell it works great for just a little body. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial... Have fun trying new things with your hair and let me know what you have tried!! Stay Beautiful and Radiant!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My new blog direction

   As I started this blog I had no real direction, just wanted to write and play on the computer... But I found that I was lost and confused about what to write about. You know, what is worthy of blogness! So I decided I needed a direction in my blog. I looked back at the post I have made and realized all of the things I write about make my life beautiful! Heck my profession is primarily about making others beautiful and feel good, I even named it Radiance Salon, hence the blog name "The Radiance of Life". So as I venture forward with my blog I am going to continue to write about the things that make my life beautiful! Some things may be silly, some may be striking, some may just make me smile, some may be just completely random... but I want to share the things that make me and others happy!!

   So I am going to start this new blog mind set with my family... the people that make everyday a joy and blessing from God. My family makes it all worth while and I would love to share some shots of these fantastic people!!!

Me and 2 of my favorite people.. they light up my life and make me happy to live everyday!!!

Raegan and I at the wedding... She looked so beautiful!!

Just the girls! My mom and sister are 2 fabulous people, I couldn't ask for better family. We have been thru so much together and help each other thru every step!

My sister got married this past summer, so I acquired a brother! William makes my sister happy and add so much fun to our family.

My Sarah, she is such an inspiration... always willing to bring a smile to your face if you need it.

Sarah Wilhoit didn't make it in the first picture, because, well, it was her wedding day and I think she might have been spending time with her new husband. The 4 of us were tight in high school and have stayed pretty close since. We know so much about each other, a little too much at times, but we have been thru a lot together. I know soon we most likely will all be living in different areas and I don't look forward to that day (we miss Ashley so much now) but I know we will always stay close!

I love my family so much, everyone that brings so much beauty into my life. Thank you all for the light you shine, God has blessed me with so many wonderful people!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whoo Hoo Busy Week

    I haven't written in forever... and to be honest I wasn't even that busy last week at work, just busy in every other area of my life!

    We went to a cabin this past weekend and spent some quality time laying around, watching football and reading.. it was fantastic. we also went to the Norton show and found some fantastic jewelry to sell at the shop. I am so excited to get it in and displayed!

   This week, PRAISE THE LORD,  I am super busy at work. I have been a little slow the last few weeks and it feels so good to be busy and making money! Owning a business is hard at times and hard to know when I will have money, but we are growing and big things are happening!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blanket Fort

    This weekend I suddenly remembered a great, fun memory from my childhood. Making Blanket Forts!!! Julia and I would hang blankets from everything possible, we would connect them, make doorways and tunnels.. we would take our toys in, as well as was a great memory. I don't know why I hadn't remembered it til now, but I was super excited to try it again. So Saturday, while we were getting ready for football, I said "hey guys lets make a blanket fort"... Raegan and Mike looked at me like I was crazy and asked what is that.. I explained and looked a Raegan and said "Is that something you would like to do?" and just as serious and adult as can be she said "yes Laura, I would like to do that very much". It was so funny! So the three of us set out to make a palace!! Mike got the hang of it very quickly and was a huge help!

    We hung most of the blankets from the ceiling fan and attached them together with chip clips (when you don't have clothes pins you use chip clips). Raegan had a blast, even wanted to sleep in it.

She had the TV on the floor on one end and the door on the other.. She let Daisy come in and play with her. It was precious!

She made us all knock and use a password!

    The whole experience made me realize that buying a child every toy on the market and everything they want is not what they are going to remember. Sure we buy her things, but this was an fun family adventure that she will remember. I am all about making memories.. you cant buy a childs love.. and this was the most perfect thing we could have done Saturday afternoon. We had to take it down, but she is already asking when we can do it again. I know I will never forget this day and I hope she doesn't either!!!