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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Curlers from Toilet Paper

    A few weekends ago, while "vacationing" at a beautiful cabin in the Smokey Mountains,  my hair was beautifully straighten on Friday, then that night we spent some time in the hot tub and I slept on it. If you know my hair, you know it can get frizzy really quick. Well Saturday morning I really wanted to keep it dry and not have to wash it, but of course it was raining and it got super frizzy. So I decided I wanted to roll it to take out the frizz, only problem I didn't have a flat iron, a curling iron, hot rollers or a hairdryer... I was very unprepared! I thought to myself  "what do you have?" and "how can I use what I have to make this work?". I didn't have socks or even enough clothes to roll it on (yes you can roll hair on socks.. we may cover that sometime) nor did I have any hair clips to hold anything in place....
    That is when I thought.. I should use toilet paper... and that is precisely what I did! I took small pieces of toilet paper and rolled my hair as if I were using hot rollers. I found a hand full of bobbie pins in my purse.. (cause who doesn't have 20+ hair pins in their purse right?) and I used those to keep the toilet paper and hair in place.... want a pic? Ok I shall provide...

Please don't judge, this is pre shower and pre makeup.. I know I look a mess without makeup, but I really needed to get this picture!!

*Funny side story to this picture.. Mike totally thought I was already in the shower, when I came down the stairs with my hair in toilet paper rollers and nothing else on you can imagine his amusement. I told him I needed him to take a pic of my hair... give a man a camera and naked woman and bad things happen, so I had to threaten him! Anyway he actually did good.. thanks Mike for not being a pervert! haha*

    So you can tell how I rolled it.. simply with pieces of toilet paper. It can be rolled in any direction, however works best for your hair.

   Next I got in the shower and cleaned.. the shower essentially steamed my hair. It added a little water to dry hair. Then I just finished getting ready.. got dressed, did my makeup, gave my hair time to dry all the way, considering I didn't have a hair dryer this was the only way.. give it time.

    Next I took the pins and toilet paper out and ran my hands through it.. If you use a brush it will pull all of the curl out. I pieced the curls apart and fluffed it a little. Then pulled the front back a little to get it out of my eyes. This is what I ended up with....

    It gave me a little more body and a little curl. My hair doesn't hold curl well anymore, so if your hair does hold curl then this would work better for curl in your hair. But as you can tell it works great for just a little body. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial... Have fun trying new things with your hair and let me know what you have tried!! Stay Beautiful and Radiant!!


  1. how innovative! i want to try...but my hair isn't long. :(
    question: why did you have to be naked for the picture? i'm concerned by that.

  2. Your hair would work if it was straightened the day before or dried out straight Julia. And the reason I was naked was because all i had were t shirts with me and I didnt want to put all that effort into rolling my hair then take my shirt off and pull some out.. so I was shirtless.