"Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deadlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, that it overflows upon the outward world."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My new blog direction

   As I started this blog I had no real direction, just wanted to write and play on the computer... But I found that I was lost and confused about what to write about. You know, what is worthy of blogness! So I decided I needed a direction in my blog. I looked back at the post I have made and realized all of the things I write about make my life beautiful! Heck my profession is primarily about making others beautiful and feel good, I even named it Radiance Salon, hence the blog name "The Radiance of Life". So as I venture forward with my blog I am going to continue to write about the things that make my life beautiful! Some things may be silly, some may be striking, some may just make me smile, some may be just completely random... but I want to share the things that make me and others happy!!

   So I am going to start this new blog mind set with my family... the people that make everyday a joy and blessing from God. My family makes it all worth while and I would love to share some shots of these fantastic people!!!

Me and 2 of my favorite people.. they light up my life and make me happy to live everyday!!!

Raegan and I at the wedding... She looked so beautiful!!

Just the girls! My mom and sister are 2 fabulous people, I couldn't ask for better family. We have been thru so much together and help each other thru every step!

My sister got married this past summer, so I acquired a brother! William makes my sister happy and add so much fun to our family.

My Sarah, she is such an inspiration... always willing to bring a smile to your face if you need it.

Sarah Wilhoit didn't make it in the first picture, because, well, it was her wedding day and I think she might have been spending time with her new husband. The 4 of us were tight in high school and have stayed pretty close since. We know so much about each other, a little too much at times, but we have been thru a lot together. I know soon we most likely will all be living in different areas and I don't look forward to that day (we miss Ashley so much now) but I know we will always stay close!

I love my family so much, everyone that brings so much beauty into my life. Thank you all for the light you shine, God has blessed me with so many wonderful people!

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