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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blanket Fort

    This weekend I suddenly remembered a great, fun memory from my childhood. Making Blanket Forts!!! Julia and I would hang blankets from everything possible, we would connect them, make doorways and tunnels.. we would take our toys in, as well as was a great memory. I don't know why I hadn't remembered it til now, but I was super excited to try it again. So Saturday, while we were getting ready for football, I said "hey guys lets make a blanket fort"... Raegan and Mike looked at me like I was crazy and asked what is that.. I explained and looked a Raegan and said "Is that something you would like to do?" and just as serious and adult as can be she said "yes Laura, I would like to do that very much". It was so funny! So the three of us set out to make a palace!! Mike got the hang of it very quickly and was a huge help!

    We hung most of the blankets from the ceiling fan and attached them together with chip clips (when you don't have clothes pins you use chip clips). Raegan had a blast, even wanted to sleep in it.

She had the TV on the floor on one end and the door on the other.. She let Daisy come in and play with her. It was precious!

She made us all knock and use a password!

    The whole experience made me realize that buying a child every toy on the market and everything they want is not what they are going to remember. Sure we buy her things, but this was an fun family adventure that she will remember. I am all about making memories.. you cant buy a childs love.. and this was the most perfect thing we could have done Saturday afternoon. We had to take it down, but she is already asking when we can do it again. I know I will never forget this day and I hope she doesn't either!!!

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