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Saturday, September 17, 2011

UT Football


     My family lives for Tennessee football!! We simply love the VOLS (and Clemson just a little *nod to Julia*) They are playing our rivals Florida right now... still in the first quarter, so we are still hopeful. So with all of the excitement of football season I thought it fitting to devote a blog post to our love of the game.

    I want to feature our Orange "UT" headband today, because, well it rocks my face off! Find it here on our etsy shop Peace.Joy.Yarn.

   Here is some of our fun from the last few weeks of the football season...

I have a serious phobia of birds, but I got in close enough to snap a few... she really does have pretty colors.

   There you have it.. our crazy Tennessee family! Have a Beautiful, Blessed day! GO VOLS!

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