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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

   Today on my lunch break I was actually able to take some pictures of a few of the projects I have going right now. I always have a hundred things started, so this is just the beginning of my busy crocheting pile. 

   This first one is the one I want to finish the most.  

   It is going to be a blanket someday! I was simply tacking the squares together at the corners then I was going to add a border, but I decided it needed to be put together tighter, so I am going back and sewing the squares together. Maybe I will work on this tonight.

(the whiskers in the top of the pic belongs to one of our babies, Oliver)

   See she loves to "help" me crochet... but with 2 cats and a dog all over me gets pretty annoying so they aren't allowed to help anymore...

   The stacks of squares in waiting... hoping to become a part of this beautiful blanket one day!

    Decided on light purple for my border color (I was all out of the others hehe)

    I really love black and whites..

    I think I am going to piece these together not in a pattern, I like it better that way.

    The pretty squares...


    This next blanket is pretty.... But.... I . Hate . It....

   I apparently did not count the stitches out right and now every time I work on it I have to figure out where to add and decrease, it is frustrating. 

    I like the colors and how it seems to move.

   I currently can't find 2 of the colors, I misplaced them.

   I think it would be really warm and pretty if I would finish it.

    Last but not least... some earrings I need to finish and put on Etsy. They have been pinned and hardened, now they are dry and I just need to put the final touches on.

   There you have it... The many projects I am working on! Hope you enjoyed.... Have a beautiful, blessed day!

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  1. I think I did the same (or at least a similar) ripple pattern as the blanket that is giving you trouble. I've actually made 3 of them and each time I have messed up my count early on. Honestly, each time I have ripped it apart and started over...and I'm glad I did. Figuring out the fix each round will make you crazy (not that ripping work apart is fun). Good luck!