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Monday, February 20, 2012

Front door wreath tutorial

So this wreath is super easy, but I thought I'd give you a step by step just for fun! Julia and I got super crafty today... We had a ton of fun and made a huge mess! So here goes...

So to start we bought a "twig wreath"? Is that even what you call it... Well I just don't know, but the kind that looks like twigs. We got 4 big hydrangeas, and a cluster of some big white flowers. You can really get any flowers you want though. We also got one big J for Johnson!

First step cut the hydrangeas off the long stem with about an inch left. We cut the white ones leaving a little longer stem because they were just fillers. We also cut off some leaves too add some green in.

Next we placed all of the big hydrangeas and J.

Then we put a little hot glue on the back of the J and the stem of each hydrangea, and we put them right back where they belonged.

Next we filled in with the white flowers.

We then strategically place some green in with the leaves. We made sure to put a little glue on the bottom of the leaf itself and pushed it in a little to look like they were actually coming from the flowers.

Finally we fluffed it a little and hung it on the front door. We are pretty proud of this one. Often our craft attempts turn out a little "funky", but this turned out better than we expected!

Hope you liked! Have a beautiful, blessed night!

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