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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Crochet Creations

  So, I know that I have been absent from the blogging world for quit some time... Since February, Yikes! But I have been making a baby and having her! Haha! She is 7 weeks old and so much the light of my life. In the last few weeks she has become so bright eyed and coos at us often. Raegan has become the most amazing big sister, she feeds, helps bathe, and even stands in the same room during dirty diaper changes! Mike is such a great dad, I have always seen it with Rae and he is no different with Lilly. We have become much closer through the pregnancy, hard labor and delivery and now thru raising a child, I am so glad I have him as my rock. I have never been so aware of God's spectacular miracles as I am now! I have a happy, healthy family and I love every second of it!

   I am in love with being a Lil's mom and Rae's step mom, I have even had a few minutes to crochet some fun Christmas stuff... which is actually what brought me back to the blog. I made Lilly and her BFF Oliver matching "elf" hats that they sported at the Jonesborough Christmas parade. Also I realized Lil Bit didn't have a stocking so I crocheted her one. I then decided we all needed matching ones, so I am starting Raegan's tonight and plan on having Mike and I one made by next year!

  So here are some pictures... hope you enjoy!

   Thanks to Aunt Uli (my sister, Julia) we had a wonderful newborn photo shoot shortly after we got home and settled! They turned out great... I especially like the ones in the purple "romper" I made. 

    And these next few are from the hospital that one of our night nurses took. She looks so chubby and funny in these... she has changed so much in 7 short weeks!

    Well that is all for now. Hopefully I will keep up with this crazy blogging stuff so I can have things written down for the girls! Have a Beautiful, Blessed Day and Merry Christmas!

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