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Friday, February 15, 2013

New House Craft Projects

    Hopefully in the next month or so we will be moving! Yay! We are excited and ready to start decorating. The I-need-one-thing trip to Hobby Lobby turned into an expensive, Garden themed-flowers everywhere-pinwheel-little girl blooming into a beautifully complicated pre teen-room shopping spree! That was a mouthful and as you can see I don't know how to use hyphens haha! So here are some thing we made!

Potted Pinwheels!

Started with some pinwheels that were on sale, 3 terra-cotta  pots, some flower planting styrofoam, and a bag of fake moss.

  We put some styrofoam in the desired pot and stuck the pinwheels in, then covered the top with moss. Turned out super cute! 

Cute J for hanging on our door!

Started with a wooden J and some Washi tape. I was new to this tape... it had a cute print on it. I just laid it down in a pattern that I liked.


   Love craft days! Hope I have a lot more when we get into the new house! Have a beautiful, blessed evening!

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