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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updo anyone?

     I am super crazy right now... well sort of.. so I thought I would share some fancy hair I have done over the years!  I love doing formal hair. We had 4 family/friend weddings this summer that I did all the hair for.. roughly 8-11 girls a wedding.. it was nuts, but so much fun!! I have owned the salon for 2 years now and I have to say it is the best move I ever made! I love owning... I don't so much love being a boss, but we make it work pretty well and we are growing a lot everyday!

     So here you are Hair pics I love!

Crazy Model hair.. Brittany Tester

Mrs. Sarah Babb as Shirley Temple, before we put it up!

And after!

Simple, but lovely! Julia Haston

Oh I love the curls... her hair is one of my favorites to do.. Catherine Bennett!

Side Loops were really in this year..

The Bride! Elizabeth Fritz.. she was a beautiful bride...

I don't have actual hair pics from Julia's wedding, but these are the beautiful Bridesmaids.. I did the hair for some of them and one of my best friends, Lori Hughes, did the rest and makeup...

And the rest!

Beautiful Raegan Lyric Johnson... She is my Favorite little girl ever!!!

And my favorite hair of that day goes to THE BRIDE, Mrs. Julia Haston!!

These aren't great hair pics, but she was gorgeous!

Another Bride this summer.. Sarah Wilhoit... this is the preparation time!

Half back beauty!

Little Funky and twisty... Erin "Bill" Billingsby...

The only girl that day to bring me an idea of what they wanted.. thank you Laura Rowe!

Turned out very pretty!

And the Bride again, once we had put it up! (we had to touch up those bottom curls after this pic was taken)

Random updos from the salon...

Julia again..

Sarah Babbs niece, Amanda Cunningham, She looked like a little Lady that day!

And finally My Baby and I at my wedding! One of my Favorite most beautiful days ever, when I married my best friend (not Sarah, Mike! haha) and became a mom!

     There are just a few... Hope you loved them... There are some Beautiful ladies in there!! Have a beautiful Blessed day!!

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  1. Great Work!!! You have really come a long way with those updo's. I remember when they scared you! I'm so proud of your accomplishments!
    Love you!