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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Royal Engagement

     Well they are FINALLY getting hitched!! Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement today! Although I am a little sad Prince William is taken off the market (cause I was so going to get him), I am very thrilled for them! This wedding is going to be spectacular im sure.. the news said they are planning on next spring or summer.

     William (we are on a first name basis) proposed with Princess Diana's engagement ring, given to her by Prince Charles, the prince of Wales, in February 1981.The ring is a stunning 18 carat blue sapphire and diamond ring... it is absolutley shokingly beautiful!

     I would like to take this chance to recognized the emense beauty of Princess Diana and her wedding to Prince Charles. I have to admit something.. I became a smidgen obsessed with her life after her death.. I owned several hardback books and multiple magazines.

   Her glamorous life and tragic death just kind of consumed me. So while learning about her I also became smitten with the princes. Funny thing though, I couldnt have cared less about Prince Charles.

  Like I said, I cant wait to hear about their wedding plans.. I have heard it wont be as grand as Dianas, but it is sure to be beautiful! Hope you enjoyed and shared my excited about this momentous event!

I am in love with this whole process.. I will undoubtedly be watcihng every step of their wedding planning!

*please excuse me for my excessive amount of exclamation points.. I am very excited! 

       Have a blessed day!!

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