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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Im inspired to make a list!

   While reading crochet concupiscence's Blog today I was in inspired to make my own list of things I want to crochet in the coming year, possibly by Christmas. If you don't see your name and you want a special something made for you let me know!

   My sister always tells me to make lists and add things that are easy or have already been done so I can put a big check beside them... so some things on this list may have already been done, but I am including them!

1. My nana a Shawl... yay I get to CHECK! (I finished it last night, ill post it tomorrow)
2. My husband... He is hard to make things for, well all men are hard to crochet for. He has been asking me to make him Star Wars figures... they just look really hard, we'll see!
3. My sister... I started a blanket for her...she actually picked out the colors, but can't remember what she chose, so that will be a nice surprise!
4.  My mom a shawl like my nana's... she really liked the one I made nana and I think I will make her one in colors she likes for Christmas.
5. I want to make more necklaces for our Etsy site, Peace.Joy.Yarn. Currently none of the ones I have made are on there... so maybe I will tackle that next week.
6. I have a new purse pattern I want to try... I have no idea who that will go to... any takers?
7. I want to make Raegan a new horse... this will NOT be done by Christmas, the first one took me 2 years cause I kept stopping!
8. My Brother-in-law needs something handcrafted I believe... what would William like? Guess I will think on that one!

*I am quickly running out of projects I want to make, just can't think! Maybe this will be a 10 project list!*

9. I want to find a great pattern for toboggans to crochet and make a bunch for winter.
10. My Mother-in-law... even though she can crochet and has taught me a lot she never makes time to do it anymore, so I think I want to make something for her!

    Well that is all I can think of on the fly! I will probably go home, look through a new book I got and find 37 more things I want to make. But this is a great start and hopefully it will keep me motivated to get some stuff done!

   Have a beautiful, blessed day!!

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