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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work In Process Wednesday

   I am so very excited about the project I am feverishly working on this week. A lot of the crochet blogs I follow post things they are working on and I am thrilled to show some of the things I have started. This will not be a problem for me in the following weeks considering I have roughly 10 projects started right now. Apparently this isn't uncommon in the crafting world to start 1000 things and have them lying around for a rainy, crocheting day. Right now I know of 4 blankets I have going, jewelry that still hasn't been put on our website, a few scarves, a fantastic pattern for a purse, and many others. But back to my project this week...

    Before the pictures I would like to give a background on this project, because it is very special to me. My wonderful, energetic, hardworking grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer in January of this year. Before getting sick with pneumonia and consequently finding out she had cancer, she was helping me at the shop as well as working at a nursing home in Bristol. To say the least she was an independent woman. Since then she has fought like crazy, but doesn't have strength to do much. We are very close and I love her very much, it has been very hard to watch her feel horrible, but she is an amazing lady and I know God has a plan for all of us. Her birthday is coming up at the end of this month and she wanted our large family to get together and have a big cookout. We all decided it would be fun to get a cabin in the Smoky Mountains and take her away for the weekend. This was decided last Saturday, the day I decided to start this project. With conflicting schedules of 23 people there was no other time to go other than this coming weekend. That is right, I had less than 1 week to start and finish a project I had never done before. My nana reads a lot and sits in her screened-in porch, so I thought well she needs a shawl to keep her cozy. So that is what I am working on. My sister and mom helped me pick out 3 colors we thought she would like, off-white, brown, and light green. I have had many struggles over the past few days. I got the pattern off of the yarn I chose, Caron yarn. So this is where I am...

This is the Base of the shawl.

That Green and White ruffly blob is going to be a border... It will be beautiful flowery squares, alternating in color along the edge, with brown in between the base and squares and along the outside of everything.

Ever wondered what 268 stitches look like on a huge knitting needle?

Crazy huh? I have never had to put that many stitches on anything before, so it is a little scary and to think that I actually have to take them off of there and not skip any is terrifying!!

This is sort of what the border squares look like... I think it will be very pretty!

Well there you go my work in progress (please overlook the pictures, I am still learning and I am by far not a photographer!).. Like I said I have to have it done by Friday so I will try to post it before I gift it!!

Have a wonderful blessed day!!!


  1. it all looks so pretty! I'm with you...always have too many projects going at once...

  2. It's very pretty and I can see why it's so special, I would be using circulars though so the stitches would have more room. I think trying to keep that many or regular sized needles sounds like a boo boo waiting to happen. Love the colors. The squares look crocheted, not knitted. I'm anxious to see this when completed.