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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fantasy Football

    So we are in the 5th round of our College Fantasy Football draft. I am currently hating this whole experience, again this year!! Last year I hated this draft thing, so why did I think it would be funner this year! I didn't even set up my line up once last year, it made me way too nervous and took too long. I thought this year would be different, I didn't necessarily prepare, but I felt like i could properly pick people just from sitting through so many college football games last year. But no, that isn't how this works. I am confused.. I have no idea who has been taken, who I want, or who will make my team better. And to top it off Mike has so much to keep up with he is being terribly unhelpful. He just keeps telling me to pick who I like.. I should have had a better strategy going in.

    So I just needed to vent about my horrible experience. I kept telling Mike I would rather do a NFL Fantasty Football League cause I knew who would be playing. When it comes to this college stuff you have to guess on who is going to be good this year. Mike wouldnt let me do a NFL team though... I dont know why, he never gave me a reason. So here I am on the back porch, burning up, and im grumpy! OH and im  listening to Dustin  ramble on.. YAY

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