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Friday, August 13, 2010

Smokey the Bear

   So Raegan and I were driving home from school on Monday, all day at school she learned about fire safety. It was apparently Smokey the Bears birthday, so he came to help with the days lessons. Well she was very excited about everything she had learned and was talking my head off about fires and Smokey and how his birthday was right after mine.. although looking back I wonder if that is true or if they just told the kids it was his birthday to make all the learning more interesting, doesn't matter I guess it kept her attention. So she is rambling on and she says " And Laura, I am pretty sure it was the real Smokey, because I didn't see any zippers or anything" which I replied to with "Oh yeah?"trying not to laugh, "yeah, and he was nice, so I guess not all bears are mean and attack you". I agreed and let it go with that, but it absolutely cracked me up. Sometimes, because she is so smart, I forget she is only 6 and this conversation reminded me of just how little and precious she is. I realized she had sat in class and thought to herself," is that bear real? I don't see any fasteners, so that cant be a costume. Must be a really nice bear." She made me laugh that day and I just had to share!

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