"Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deadlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, that it overflows upon the outward world."

Friday, August 13, 2010

My First Blog

    So, this is my very first blog! I am not quite specialized in anything, other than maybe hair, but I have ideas about a lot of things and a very funny family that provides plenty of blogable material!

    My husband, Mike, is hilarious.. I swear he could be a stand up comedian. He finds humor in the most unlikely of life situations, which makes my life much happier. We spend a lot of time together, unlike some couples we enjoy each others company. So the majority of television shows we follow, we watch together.. other than Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, SYTYCD, and anything Bachelor (yes we watch a ton of TV). We just finished Last Comic Standing and I was less than delighted. Our favorite guy made it to the final 2 and of course the guy we liked the least all season won. He was funny, just not my taste.. anyway couldnt stand him and Im not happy about it. Silver lining.. The 2nd place guy will probably get major jobs because of the show!
  Mike rocks my face off and we have so much fun together. He is honestly my best friend and my love. We are going away this weekend. A friend of the family has a house boat on South Holston and they are letting us use it for the weekend. It is going to be a relaxing, fun weekend with great friends. Cant wait to blog about it Monday!
       I also have a really awesome step daughter, Raegan. She is just like her daddy when she is with us. She is funny and so smart. She is learning quick just what pushes my buttons and how to get what she wants. It is amazing to see how big she has gotten. She is in 1st grade in Kingsport and she loves it.. loves her teacher, loves gym, loves to read.. I wasnt anything like her, I just wanted friends and to play, but she craves learning.(wow that sounded just like something a certain someone would say haha) She just started horseback riding lessons this summer.. OMG she is so in love with horses and she does so good riding them. Most of the time, when she is off playing, you can look up and she is being the best horse I have ever seen. She puts her little hands up in front of her like hooves I guess and she gallops around, making horse noises, man it is really great!

   Well those are 2 of my favorite people.. They make my life interesting and fun. God really blessed me and  I love them so much!

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